FRANK H. MOSS and the Cola Wars

This laminated ID card of Frank H. Moss dates from 1948. This is from Bert's collection of photographs and ephemera.

Frank H. Moss_tatteredandlost

Was Frank a low level paper pusher while stationed in Yokohama following the war? Or is Frank the person responsible for writing a book entitled "The History of Coca-Cola in the Japanese Market as I Lived and Worked It"? According to what I find in Google Books Frank's book was not published and currently sits in a box in Coca-Cola's archives.

So we'll probably never know what part this Frank played in the cola wars following World War II or if he played any part at all.


  1. How did you find this? Incredible.

  2. This was in the big box of photos I received from Bert last week in trade for computer tutoring. It was one of the things he pointed out to me. Somewhere around this house I have my old military IDs from when I was a teenager. Nothing as exotic as this one.

    And then I Googled Frank H. Moss and the only thing that came up that made any sense was this unpublished book about Coca-Cola in Japan.

    Maybe someday someone will find this and give us some information.

  3. I'm just certain he did write that unpublished book. It might be terribly boring though, so maybe it's just best to imagine it's fascinating. His ID is pretty fascinating all by itself though.

  4. I like to think of it as "Frank H. Moss, Cola Spy: The real story behind the Cola Wars."

  5. Frank was my great grandfather. If you brought a Pepsi into his home, you were scorned and it was poured into the toilet being replaced with a fresh Coca Cola. The old Japanese Coca Cola chest-style vending machine in the den was always fully stocked with bottles.

    1. Thank you for contacting me. That's fabulous that he was such a dedicated company person, even in his home life. Not going to find that much these days.