To find out why I haven't posted in so long it's best to just read my post at my vernacular photography site. Net access has been the problem.

I'm finding I'm so rusty at blogging that what once came naturally is a little foggy. I need to get back on the bike and go full tilt. No guidance needed. Okay, perhaps at my age it's best to take it slow and look both ways...which leads me to this post.

This image comes from the collection of a gentleman named Bert who I met last week. Again, it's best to read my other blog for the full information about how I came to have this and many other images to share. Bert, like many of you, loves ephemera and old photos. Burt is a collector with a keen eye.

crossing guard_tatteredandlost

Click on image to see it larger.

All I can tell you about this image is that it's dated 1932, was printed in the U.S.A, and there is an artist's signature which I cannot read in the lower left corner. Other than that it was in a bag of photos that Bert purchased at a flea market.

I adore this image. I love everything about it and would love to see more work by this illustrator. These images would have made wonderful paper dolls.

If anyone sees this and it looks familiar please drop me a line so I can fill in the pieces of the "where did this come from" mystery.

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