THE BEATLES in Small Packages

Some people will smile when they see this old gum wrapper. I found it in an old jewelry box last week. No, I'm not a diamonds sort of gal. Give me an old gum wrapper in a jewelry box and I'm happy.

Hard Day's Night wrapper_tatteredandlost

Anyone remember the horrible gum that was inside the wrapper? Dreadful stuff. But then, I didn't care about the gum. It was the Beatle cards I wanted. I have a shoebox full of these cards. My friend's father somehow managed to score boxes of these cards. So the gum was tossed in the trash and the cards were kept. Alas, this is the only wrapper that survived.

Hard Day's Night_tatteredandlost

I find it interesting that Ringo was featured on 4 of the first 6 cards. How was that decision made? Were there arguments amongst the Fab Four when they saw his bubble gum status? If there was trouble it seems to be something the biographers have missed. Hmmm...new Beatle book to write. "Ringo Was the Top Card" or "Ringo Gums Up the Works."


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  1. Those are cool. That's some trading cards you don't see every day.