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The Beatles_A HARD DAY'S NIGHT_tatteredandlost

After the previous post about Beatle bubblegum cards for the movie A Hard Day's Night I thought I'd post the two movie tie-in books I have.

The Beatles_HELP_tatteredandlost

During the hey-day of The Beatles I was always checking magazine stands for anything Beatles. Buying records and magazines was how my allowance was spent. I still have the specialty magazines I bought, but all of the old Tiger Beats, etc. were cut up and now I'm left with scraps floating loose in an old binder.

Each of these books has an 8 page photo insert, the main reason, I'm sure, that I bought the books. I haven't seen either of these movies in decades. I don't know why they aren't shown on any of the premium channels. Seems a shame to me, especially A Hard Day's Night. Help not so much.

And then there's this magazine full of promotional snapshots taken during the filming of A Hard Day's Night. Though there are some great photos inside, the cover shots are just plain weird. It seems someone went to town airbrushing the boy's faces with retouching pancake makeup. It's just odd.

Beatles Film mag_tatteredandlost

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  1. Help! and A Hard Day's Night are on Netflix.

  2. Thanks! It would make a nice treat to see them both again.

  3. great post! i'm also a fan of movie tie-in paperbacks...i have a wonderful nabokov lolita tie-in edition which i treasure!

  4. Deb, I've never seen the Lolita one. Nice to know there are others out there who fancy movie tie-in books. I love just finding them in odd places. That's how I've found most of mine.