A LITTLE FRESH AIR never hurt anyone

I've always loved this silly card. It belonged to my maternal grandmother. I love the illustration style, the colors, and the handlettering. I know nothing about the artist, which is a shame. It was so rare that a post card artist was given credit. Of course, the two I showed yesterday...don't really care. But this one I'd like to know about the person and I'd like to see more of their silly cards.

fresh air_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

This one was also printed by the Metropolitan Lithograph Company, the company responsible for the two I showed yesterday. The card includes the logo of the "M" in a circle. On this one no publisher is indicated. I'd say this one dates to the mid-to-late 1940s.

If anyone has any cards that look like they might be by the same artist I'd love to see them.


  1. She's fabulous! I agree, the colors and the artistry in this one is very nice. I aspire to look like her...oh well.

  2. Yes, she has a nice Andrew's Sister vibe going on.

  3. I'd certainly kill for a waist like that but I don't think I would marry the driver.

  4. I'll pass the image on to my card collecting friend.

  5. Rosie, I think the driver got what was needed. A knuckle sandwich. Do people say that anymore? Probably not.

    Thanks Dave. Let me know if your friend has anything that looks similar in style.