I give you a post card of Ada, Minnesota. Turn-of-the-century Midwest. The people dressed as if they just stepped out of the movie Pollyana.

Click on image above to see it larger.

What's so fascinating about worn out cards like this is that I can actually go online and see, through Google maps, what the town looks like from above today. I can also stand on a corner and do a complete 360 of one section of the town, strangely devoid of humans, which you can see here. Below is a shot showing the same buildings that are on this card off in the distance.

And here we have a close-up of the same buildings. If you click here you will go to the page where the original photo resides shot by hoss10. Then click on the shot and you'll see it larger.

(SOURCE: hoss10)

Ada was a small town then, it's a small town now with a population during the last census of around 1,600 people. Looking at it from above it's a town surrounded by farmland, just as I imagine it was over 100 years ago.

Minnesota is one of the three states I've never been to, the others being North Dakota and Alaska. I'll probably never get to Minnesota so Ada will have to do. The person who sent this card, oh so long ago, could have never imagined the future and how this card would end up in the hands of a person over 100 years later on the other side of the continent. And now, because of their choice to send this card I now share it with you.


  1. I just loved Pollyanna! How sad that there are no people on the street anymore, all in their cars I guess.

  2. Oh Janice, I love that movie too. And here's something you might enjoy. The house used in the movie is going through renovations. It's an incredible home and now so even more. The upper floors on the house in the movie never actually existed. All movie magic.


  3. Super! Love the links!

  4. Thanks for that link. What a fantastic restoration, I'm so 'glad' that they are restoring it!

  5. Seriously - we had friends growing up in Shelby, Montana, who were from Ada. They made the trip to Ada at least once a year.