It's shimmy and shake DANCIN' SUNDAY

This is Goldie. She was purchased in the late '60s up in the Gold Country at an antique store. I purchased two crazy dancin' ladies that day. You'll just have to wait awhile to see the other. She's actually even stranger than Goldie.

Click on Goldie to see her larger.

Goldie's card is postcard size, but there's nothing on the back. So I'm guess this was strictly a card in a series that men collected. Risque, yes? No doubt kept in the bottom of the dresser drawer.

Shake it Goldie...SHAKE IT!

You can see my other dancin' lady, who is nameless, at my vernacular photography site. She's equally as talented, but bends in the other direction.


  1. But, is it really all that risque? It seems more humorous to me...and she is phenomenally flat-chested. This one is mystifying.

  2. Funny ladies! Don't you wonder who designed her costume? Maybe she did it herself. Cute stuff.

  3. Christine,

    By our standards, risque? Nope. By the standards then? I'm thinkin' a big YES!

    You have to see todays. It just gets weirder. I'm imaging there were probably a series of these cards. Some sort of "sexy" dance troop that travelled the country. I envision them showing up in the Gold Country and dancing in saloons with the rip snortin' cowboys hoopin and hollerin.

  4. Too bad this isn't still considered sexy...

    It would give folks like me a second shot.

  5. Eloh,

    Just imagine when this was considered a bit perverse and sexy? I mean, what you see is what you get. No plastic or nips and tucks at all. I wish I knew if there were other cards in a series. I've never see Goldie or Farari anyplace else.