Happy Easter stickers

Found this in the bottom of a box at the flea market last year. 5 packets of Easter stickers, 3 for Valentine's Day. "How much?" The guy was busy. "A dollar." I left happy. The only thing I found that day worth buying.

I think if you click on these the larger images would be a decent enough size for you to print out for the wee ones.

Happy Easter.

sticker book covers_tatteredandlost
inside sticker books_tatteredandlost
Click on images to see them larger.


  1. Aw they are so sweet!

  2. These seem like they would be great as a basis for tattoos. Who needs skulls and pierced hearts when you could have these instead.

  3. Yes, indeed. I'd like to see a drunken sailor return from shore duty with a big duckie in a top hat on his chest. They'd have some splanin' to do.