The battle for EASTER!

Christine at The Daily Postcard has today posted substantial evidence that there is a battle each Easter that we might not have even been aware existed. No, I'm not talking the Christians versus the Romans. She's pointing out the battle between the Bunnies and the Chickies. Battle indeed!

I will now provide evidence of the Trojan Egg.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Chickie!"

Click on image to see it larger...if you dare!


  1. That chick definitely has the evil eye!

  2. And I believe this card shows the evidence of the huge fight that took place once the chick got out. Ripping and tearing the corner, perhaps trying to prevent any other Trojan chicks from escaping.

  3. Thanks, and I forgive you for calling me Maureen. Maybe there's a Maureen haunting my blog; if so, I hope she doesn't look like Jack...or those twins from the Shining. :0

  4. Well, there you go. That's what happens when I get too much sugar and names ending in "en" or "ne". My brain just fills in the spaces however it wants. Sorry 'bout that.