Sex, Drugs, and BASKETBALL

Chesterfield_Basketball Jubilee_tatteredandlost
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When did they stop using wholesome looking girls to sell vices? What was the cutoff point? When did they all start looking like those inflatable vacuous women that live with Hefner making fish pouty mouth faces, plastic from head to toe? I've never been able to pinpoint the year. Vices no longer attempt to hide their lack of worth.

For some reason when I look at this ad really fast I keep seeing the words "Bette Midler" instead of "Milder Better"? Never mind. I also see Kim Basinger flinging a basketball. Time for some shut eye.

Particularly odd ad from the back cover of the March 1942 Cosmopolitan.

UPDATE: I did find another version of this ad as a sign available at Live Auctioneers site. Same style shirt, but different colors for the Chesterfield Basketball Jubilee. This woman has more of a young Monroe look.


  1. LOL. She's making a PASS! That's a slam dunk...

  2. Yeah, she throws like a gourl! Get her off the court!

  3. Christine H. said...

    I am fascinated by her outfit. Who thought that one up? I want one!

    Christine, I'm with you. I want one of those shirts. And for some reason you message won't post so I've just included it in mine. Google has been acting a little weird lately, including google mail.

  4. OMG look at her fishnet top!

  5. Cool huh? Basketball hoop shirt. Very clever. Wonder if these shirts still exist somewhere in someone's drawer. They should be making them now.

  6. Felix0912/08/2012

    Using a basketball net for part of the model's attire was quite an idea. My mother earned a couple of school "letters" playing high school basketball for several years in the 1920s so she would have enjoyed this ad.