Well, this is THE PITS

Okay, title is too obvious, isn't it? I was also thinking of "I believe this lady needs a spotter!" but thought only my best friend and I would get that.

Taken from the 1929 Cosmopolitan magazine. I know Nonspi was still available in the 1940s because I found an ad online in an old issue of Life. I especially like the part where they say:
Nonspi destroys the odor and diverts the underarm perspiration to parts of the body where there is better evaporation--and need to be used on an average of but two nights each week.
Okay, what body part is this perspiration going to move to? Perhaps your shoulders which would be just above the pits? Wouldn't be the bottom of your feet because, well, this oh so wise perspiration would recognize you're wearing shoes so it's trapped again. Perhaps forehead? Ohhhh...Richard Nixon's upper lip. Yup, that's it. He used Nonspi and that's why he perspired so profusely over his upper lip. And what would it mean if a President were to be using a product called Nonspi which could easily be prononunced as Non Spy? Hmmm...I think perchance I'm over thinking this.

Seriously, if we all walk around with our right arm over our head grabbing our right breast with our left hand I don't think perspiration is the first thing people are going to notice. But hey, I haven't tried it yet. I mean, she looks happy! And these days don't we have to find happiness where we can?

Now I need to acknowledge that yesterday I was tagged by Vintage Postcard Gallery with the Sunshine award. Thank you. Very nice to be acknowledged. I in turn need to tag others. I don't expect any of them to feel the need to pass this along. I will simply use this as a chance to tell people about some blogs and sites I really enjoy. In no particular order:

Bear Swamp Reflections: I like this woman. I like the way she thinks. I'd like her living next door.

Creating Pictures in My Mind: Laurie runs several blogs that are always entertaining.

elohssanatahw You know that neighbor you're just not sure about that you adore? The one who tells the best stories and will either tell you to go away today or come in? I love dropping by here.

Pieces of the Past Personal history and wonderful photos. I feel comfortable here listening to the stories.

Female Illustrators of the Mid-2oth Century A very new blog that is growing fast. It's so wonderful that the fellow started this. For years he has run another wonderful blog called
Today's Inspiration also about illustration. If you enjoy finding out, often in-depth, about the illustrators of the past 50 years these are the two sites to bookmark.

Spotty Dog LOVE LOVE LOVE her joyful drawings.

Live from the Surface of the Moon Robert, I believe, is a fellow traveler through time. Nuff said. The man likes the moon landing and so much more. Bookmark him. He finds interesting things all the time.

One Man's Treasure In depth knowledge and images from the past. You won't go away disappointed.

Scrap for Joy I don't do scrapbooking, but if I did I'd want to be watching every clever move she makes.

Jacolette A wee bit of Irish history through vintage images.

Serial Crafter I enjoy seeing where her crafty mind takes her next.

Do drop by and visit these sites. All nice people. All different perspectives. A real grab-bag of what I enjoy.


  1. Thank you.... you may be happy to know you aren't the only one of my neighbors who think twice about... me.

    I must add, while others have trouble with criminals.... no one ever bothers me.

  2. Congratulations. I can't wait to check out your recommended links. I was also wondering how to pass this award on without making people feel obligated, so i will follow your lead.

  3. Eloh, I'd be thrilled to have you in my neighborhood. I'd know I'd be safe next door to you.

    Christine, enjoy the sites. There were even more I should have featured but realized I needed to stop. There are just so many good blogs going on. Something for everyone.

  4. Aha! This is why I have had American visitors recently! This looks like another ad I'll have to fix.
    Yes, just where does that persperation go?

  5. Thanks for the lovely award, as I am an admirer of your blog, it is a particular honour (note spelling lol!).

    I always wondered about where that perspiration went, but although I did try those deodourants that only masked the odour, I just couldn't bear the dampness. I know it's probably not good for me but I wont need my best friend to tell me any home truths! I wont use aerosols though!

  6. Oh I love those English words. They always add...colour.

    I can remember working on some scholarly work where we had to do British English. Now sometimes I catch myself spelling certain words that way and have people put big marks through them with the "correct" spelling above. Oh well. What's a girl to do?

  7. Thank you so much for the good words about my blog! I enjoy doing this so much and enjoy going around and reading the wonderful blogs other people put up there. Yours is one of my favorites! Again - thanks so much for mentioning Pieces of the Past! Carol

  8. You are welcome. I always enjoy your stories with the photos.