Run, don't walk to BARBARA BRADLEY at Female Illustrators of the Mid-20th Century

There's a new site I'd like all to be aware of, especially those obsessive paper doll collectors. Run on over to Female Illustrators of the mid-20th Century to read about Barbara Bradley, the first post of this new blog. Barbara Bradley's work will immediately be familiar to paper doll lovers:
Heavenly Blue Wedding, B is for Betsy, and so many more.

The fellow that does this blog also is responsible for Today's Inspiration, another great and informative site.

Here area a few more by Bradley I have in my collection.

This one is mint but is actually a reprint. Not a modern reprint, but one done several years after the original with a different title. The original was B is for Betsy which was published in 1954 by Merrill.

And this one, Karen Goes to College, is cut. All of the clothes are in a packet, neatly cut. I've popped the dolls back into what is left of the cardstock cover. You can see part of the back is missing. Also Merrill, 1955


  1. great link, thanks!

  2. Whoa...isn't Karen's skirt a little short? Wow!

    P.S. Thought of you this weekend when they were giving away Perry Mason paperbacks as door prizes at a theater event. Alas, we did not win any.

  3. I'm thinking those sunsuits that were so popular in the 50s. Artist had to figure out someway to keep the dolls legs exposed.

    Wow, free Perry Mason books. Geez, wish I'd been there. Nice door prize.