No, HARRISON FORD doesn't live here anymore

This is a pretty odd thing to find in an old address book. It has no value. It's just stuck in my old book with names of people I never see anymore. Of course, I never saw this particular person.

The first phonebook I had in Los Angeles included this page. Right after the first Star Wars movie came out my friend and I decided to look up the actors in the phonebook, sure we wouldn't find any of them. We were wrong. We got to "Ford Harrison" and we both sat open mouth stunned and said, "Can't be!" Of course we then piled in the car and headed out in search of the house, which was just a few miles away. You'll note that I've deleted some of the identifiable numbers from both the address and phone number. No sense giving the people with those numbers grief today. And no, Harrison doesn't live there anymore.

The house was nice enough, one of his sons out front playing with a basketball. But what made us laugh, and is the image I can still remember, were the doors. Lots of doors leaning against a wall. Apparently Mr. Ford was not sure the whole movie Star Wars thing was going to work out and he was keeping product around for his construction work.

Next phonebook that came out...no Harrison Ford. He's unlisted now baby!


  1. That's too funny. Good thing you guys weren't more obsessive stalkers.

    I was probably about the same age when some friends and I decided to call Dr. Bronner. After all, his phone number was on the bottle! We didn't think we would really get the doctor himself on the phone, but to our surprise we did. We all talked to him and told him how much we liked his soap. He was a very nice man as I recall...dead now though. O.k., I know...Dr. Bronner and Harrison Ford aren't exactly equal status.

  2. I'd forgotten about that soap. I used to wash my hair with it when I was in high school. He was probably used to crank calls. Sort of like "Do you have Prince Albert in a can. Well then, please let him out."

    And no, we were not big stalkers. We did however buy a map to the stars homes not long after my friend and I moved to L.A. We'd get bored and hop into the car going on movie star searches. Both big "I Love Lucy" fans, Lucille Ball's house was one of the first we found. We kept thinking back to the William Holden Lucy episode where Lucy says something about finding a whole herd of stars. That's what we kept looking for, a herd. Instead we'd find them all over town and then come home and write their name on a list we kept on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. We did drive by Hefner's place many times on a side road and wave at the camera. Neither of us Hefner fans, I'm actually surprised we waved and didn't give the camera the finger.

  3. A friend and I were more timid: in the late 1970s, we'd hang out on the stoop of what we believed was Bette Midler's townhouse in the West Village. Might have been Barrow St. Never saw her, except on stage.

  4. Ohh, Bette Midler would have been fun to see back then.

    On my morning walks I used to walk by Bob Hope's house always hoping to see him in the backyard on his little golf course. Never did. It was a strange place to live. I was right next to Warner Brothers Studio so never knew who'd I see driving by. Sort of warped my sense of reality for a few years.

  5. What do you mean for a few years? Ha ha ha! Fun story.

  6. Janice, once when I was visiting a friend in England we piled into a car and headed down to London with a friend of hers to a horse show at Wembley. As we arrived in London the one girl was convinced we were following a guy from the band 10cc. I had looked at him and knew it wasn't, but said nothing. We followed that poor guy through town right on his tail. I don't remember what area he finally drove to, but he piled out of his Rover and ran into his house. We went driving by and then circled back. Poor long haired fellow was standing peeking out from behind a lace curtain. I sat in the back seat laughing.