I feel youst like ein SAUSAGE HOT

I'm not sayin' anything. I'm keeping my mouth shut. I'm youst a little shtunned. Ummmmm...vat ver de tinking?

Rapael Tuck & Sons_Leatherette_tatteredandlost
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Raphael Tuck and Sons "Leatherette" Series of Valentine Post Cards, postage dated Feb. 14, 1913


  1. Ha Ha Ha! None uff mein Dutch/German card are like ziss. Ach du lieber Himmel!

  2. I let out such a loud snork laugh when I saw this at an estate sale. I couldn't imagine what the publisher was originally thinking. I knew what I was thinking in our coarse times of today, but figured they had something else in mind back then. I just think it's a bit bizarre.

  3. Well I don't know what to think! We are so politically correct today and that postcard is so NOT!

  4. Of the offensive cards I do have this is one of the least offensive. I could never post the others without getting grief. And this one was published by a company that has the "By Appointment" to the King and Queen.