SANTA SWAPPING stories by the Coke machine

I've said before that I have created, in my mind, a fantasy world for the elves. And I think this just might be proof that Santa is a jolly old soul. Santa caught taking a break next to the Coke machine right before he's about to take off for his eventful flight. He's cracking jokes with the elves while they fill his sleigh. Knows them all by name. Is great with small talk, no height joke intended.

Coca Cola ad_Dec 1954_tatteredandlost
(Source: National Geographic December 1954)  Click on image to see it larger.

Then again maybe this is Santa at the ad agency getting ready to pose for another Coke ad. Who knows. Let your imagination lead you where it will.

Eddie Elephant Update: More Eddie items will be appearing at CafePress within the next twenty-four hours. Yeah, I know, it used to say 12, but things aren't going as fast as I'd hoped.


  1. Eddie Elephant update? How did you do that? Is there anything you missed? LOL. That is truly amazing.

  2. Yup, it's true. More Eddie around the corner though I've been having trouble holding net access in this weather. It might take me until late tomorrow to get everything uploaded. But yeah, more Eddie to go.

  3. Oh my, it's that creepy ad man Santa again. He just loves himself so much he could eat himself! Or maybe drink himself in a sugary drink. I've never really studied these images before, but they are definitely 'club' man, probably on the committee too and then propping up the bar. Okay I'll stop now, I'm getting obsessed lol!

  4. Yeah, far removed from the 50s I find myself getting snarky about these Santas because they became the real Santa for me. My family took a vacation to upper New York state two summers to Tupper Lake and each time we went to Santa's village. That Santa looked exactly like this Santa. I was in love. I was already living a very vivid life in my head and he only reinforced my fantasy. I still have a few more to post this next week. I think you'll come around when he leaves the corporate scene behind and goes back to be with the Elves. Did Coca-Cola not use Santa in advertising in Britain?

  5. Oh we certainly did have the red coated, white bearded Santas and yes, they are the defining image of Christmas in the UK too. However, I really don't remember the coke ads, probably too darn cold over here in the winter to be drinking coke and it was incredibly expensive in the early 60s. It's not Santa's makeover by coca cola that bothers me, it's something about the expression on the face and the general body language of the last couple of Santas that you posted that just smacks a self-satisfied salesman rather than a kindly old gent who love to give gifts to children. Goodness me, that probably tells you more about my prejudices than I should be revealing - ha ha!