Here comes SANTA CLAUS

Last year I did a post about the iconic Coca-Cola Santa painted by Haddon Sundblom. Of course not a living soul outside my own brain new this blog existed so I'll give a link to that post.

What you see below is the cover of a wonderful book of these very Santas. I've put a link to the book in the left-hand column. It's a  book with beautifully reproduced vintage Coca-Cola ads. Brings back the Santa I remember from my childhood. 

And here is the oldest Santa Coca-Cola ad I have. It's from the December 1939 National Geographic.

Coca Cola ad_Dec 1939_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Now, to read a bit about Haddon Sundblom and see some of his other work click on the following links:

American Art Archives (Dave, make sure you click on this one. There's a surprise there for you.)

Haddon Sundblom at Wikipedia  You'll be surprised to see his last "Santa" 

And from the wonderful blog Today's Inspiration:


  1. I love those Santas! Exactly what Santa Claus should look like! Thank you for reminding me.

  2. T'was the Santa of my childhood, too.

    I'm so enjoying your beautiful blog!


  3. I have more of these to post over the next few weeks. And I'm hunting for more. They just make me think there really is a nice old man in a red suit flying through the sky. I know he's commercial creation, but he's just so well...jolly.

    Glad you're enjoying your visits Judith. Tell your friends. The more the merrier.

  4. I'm not sure, but I think Santa has slipped some Log Cabin Syrup in that bottle of Coke. He certainly looks like he might nod off at any moment. As for Miss 'ouch my corset is too tight' Tweedy, she could do with some vodka in her coke so she could forget to remember herself. Ho ho ho!

  5. Yes, yes! For medicinal purposes only of course.

  6. LOL. THANK YOU! That sho' nuff be the Aunt Jemima I know!

  7. I knew you'd find that interesting. And I didn't remember that he'd also done Quaker Oats.

  8. Wow, Yah well--- I really didn't need to see his 'last' Santa. For medicinal reasons of course.