Well, THEY FINALLY DID IT! Log Cabin scared everyone away.

It's pretty obvious now that Log Cabin either put everyone to sleep or scared them all away because in this December 1933 ad from Delineator they're down to just the tin running around. Scary, no? Even scarier is the poor woman below who perhaps partook of too much Log Cabin. Perhaps she wasn't able to sleep and was dosing herself nightly with Log Cabin in hopes of that gentle sleep they promised.

Log Cabin ad_Dec 1933_tatteredandlost

Seriously, girdles. What horrid contraptions. I remember these things. Rubber with holes all over them so the rubber could "breath". I remember watching my mother get into one and thinking that when I got older no matter what I would never wear such a contraption. Just horrible mind numbing, butt numbing torture. Women were not allowed to be women. Of course things aren't much better these days. It's just as physically and psychologically damaging to woman, and especially young girls, to think plastic surgery is an option for just about everything and heaven forbid should a spec of body hair appear anywhere. So actually maybe we're as a whole much more mental now than back in the '30s.

And congratulations. You've made it through my final Log Cabin Syrup ad.


  1. You have not yet reached the Pinnacle of syrup... http://www.pinnaclefoodscorp.com/public/brands/log-cabin.htm

  2. Whoa, a whole slew of products to make fun of.

    I saw an old Log Cabin tin in an antique store the other day. Pretty rusty and I wasn't in the mood to shell out 25 bucks for someone else's rusty tin. I'll keep looking.