3 -2 -1 -CONTACT!

I did a short piece about redecorating your kitchen at my other blog called Cooking Outside at any Age. So many people offer helpful domestic tips on their blogs. Anyone who reads the goings on here knows I have only mentioned tablescaping once, provided only one dubious recipe, and just generally leave others to do what they do best and I don't. But today, well, I'm going to outdo all of them. I have the ultimate decorating tip. And everything, I mean EVERYTHING will be easily wiped down with a sponge when you're done. I know, I know...it sounds too good to be true. Wellllllllllllll...sort of.

I give you the room of tomorrow or ummmmm yesterday courtesy of Woman's Day September 1970. The modern rumpus room, suitable for wild parties and children.

contact paper decorating_1970_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

And just think  how nice that bowl of cream corn with bologna and olives will look here. You can basically spray the whole room down with a hose after the party's over. Okay, okay, getting cream corn out of this rug will be a challenge, but now I'm going to offer my own useful hint. LEAVE IT! Tell people it's a shag rug and some of the shag is just more tightly wound. Hey I'd buy it.

Forget the recipe? No problem. Here's a link. Bon appetite and don't worry about spilling any. I've got the garden hose right here.

And you probably thought I was just going to do sweet Christmas posts this month. Ha!


  1. Nooooooo! Con-Tact is the devil's own product promoted by those evil MAD men. It's taken many years to remove a many traces of this suffocating material from my home, and there are still some bits inside my beautiful oak dresser cupboards (put there by my MIL in the 60's & 70's) Begone, cream corn with bologna and olives, give me hard to clean rosewood, fieldstone, chestnut, knotty pine, marble,quilted satin and caning PLEASE!

  2. I know! The last place I lived I nearly died when I walked in and saw purple wallpaper and an orange rug. The kitchen walls...contact paper. I was ripping and shreddin' before the sun went down.

  3. Ummm - Contact is supposed to be hyphenated ---- CON-TACT!

    The removal process is a tad bit more complicated. I suggest a hot iron that you can do without.

  4. Yes, wasn't the company trying to be clever by hyphenating? They wanted to make the word their very own. I bet they have CON-TACT registered and have fought anyone who tried to use it.