Santa meets the MAD MEN AGENCY

This Santa is cool daddy-o. He's hip. He hangs out in the Village after hours with the cats from Sterling Cooper. They've influenced this version of the iconic Coca-Cola Santa. 

Coca Cola ad_Dec 1956_tatteredandlost
(Source: National Geographic December 1956) Click on image to see it larger.

So sit down, tell Santa everything. Oh, and just to let you know that mirror on the side of the room...yeah, there are five guys in business suits on the other side watching you. They're researching you. Researching how you interact with Santa. They're seeing if you're worthy. But for heaven's sake don't look at the mirror. Just act casual, like Santa. Have a coke and tell the jolly man everything. He doesn't keep track of what you say.


  1. LOL! What? Now Naughty and Nice List? Oh, and by the way, Mr. Suits behind the mirror - that ain't a tiny reindeer. Not even close.

  2. Oh no, Santa has gone over to the 'dark side' - A D V E R T I S I N G. He's had one too many cokes and heavens knows what's been going on with that little deer. Bring back traditional Santa please, in my world he drinks milk and eats mince pies!

  3. I believe this is Santa's "Dude" period with a big nod to Jeff Lebowski.

  4. Something about this one reminds me of my second husband...creeps me out.

    Santa and Coke... one of the all time money makers.

  5. He does feel a bit too familiar for a Santa. I really don't want to sit around with Santa shootin' the bull. I'm afraid he's going to lean forward at any moment and tell me stuff about the elves.