The pharmaceutical companies have it all wrong! Well there's a bulletin you didn't see coming. But seriously, and that's what this piece is all about, Serious Situations. The serious situation of insomnia. It's a multi-billion dollar business and who knew we had the very cure hiding in the kitchen. Don't spend your money on Ambien® or Lunesta®. Don't go wandering around an herbal shop trying to figure out if the claims they make are true and where the heck some of that stuff in the big glass jars came from. NO! NO, I say! The answer, the oh so simple answer, has been available since at least 1934. Are you ready? It's so simple you're going to be numb for a moment when it hits you. Okay...Log Cabin Maple Syrup. Would I lie to you? Would I have evidence to show as proof? Yes to both answers.

This ad from the April 14, 1934 Saturday Evening Post is all the proof you need. And General Foods makes the claim so it's not like I'm just makin' this stuff up. It apparently worked for this gentleman, Mr. Dillingham. Was it Mrs. Van der Van's intention all along to get the geezer in the waistcoat passed out in her living room? What were  her motives. We'll never know.

Log Cabin Syrup ad_1934_tatteredandlost

So I'm thinkin' perhaps it would work on kids. I doubt there are any instructions on the side of the can saying "Use on adults only." So it's bedtime, the kids are wired...I think you know where I'm goin'. Give them a couple of doses of Log Cabin Syrup and in no time they'll be sleeping little angels. Has to work. It worked on Mr. Dillingham and he looks to be a person of considerable girth. I imagine a quarter of the dose given him would work on a kid. And just think how wonderful bedtime will be from now on. No more fighting the little dears. You just get out that can of syrup and their eyes light up. Okay, their eyes bug out and stay that way as they hang off the curtains screaming like monkeys from this point on. But seriously (there's that word again denoting I couldn't possibly be lying) I don't think there will be any problems. All children should have a concentrated dose of sugar at bedtime.

There is some truth in this piece and here it comes so stay still for a moment or you'll miss it. Gluyas Williams. That's it. That's the truth. It's right there in front of you. Gluyas was famous and he did very nice work. Want to read more about Gluyas, see examples of his comic strips, book illustrations? Click on gluyaswilliams.com, a site devoted to his work.

Well, that's all the medical advice I'll be dispensing today. Drink a Coke and have a tablespoon of Log Cabin Syrup and call your doctor in the morning...for that glucose test you've been putting off.


  1. Okay...

    I'm going with a short story on Log Cabin Syrup here, and it's guaranteed not to put you to sleep.

    In about 1952 or 1953, my mother took myself and my sister to the Fred Boss Farm Market in Shelby, Montana. There was a promotion going on for Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour and Log Cabin Syrup.

    Guess who served up the flapjacks with BUTTER and syrup on them? Why, it was Aunt Jemima herself! Well... at least she looked EXACTLY like Aunt Jemima, and she was the very first black woman I'd ever seen. Thus, the event is etched indelibly in my mind.

  2. Ha ha ha ... I have had breakfast for supper. Just because I had more time and wanted pancakes.

    All this time I thought that good nights sleep was a full tummy.

    I'm having Pancakes and coke for supper.

  3. Whoa, can you imagine the stories that woman had to tell? Traveling the country pretending to be Aunt Jemima, having to go in the back door, and probably had a hard time finding a place to stay in each city. There's a very interesting book in that story.

    And yes, breakfast for dinner. Done that many times. In fact I'd almost rather have breakfast for dinnerl. Rarely eat pancakes anymore because the whole experience leaves me wired for hours. Now I down a yogurt smoothie and eat a handful of nuts and I'm good to go.

  4. I've never heard of this maple syrup, what a cute little tin. I think that guy must have sleep apnea, he is such biggie, certainly wouldn't want him passing out in my room!

  5. Those tins are very collectible. I haven't seen one in years. For awhile there was another tin on the market that had pure maple syrup and seemed to be put out by different companies, all using a tin which also looked like a log cabin with a little boy standing at the front door. Vermont Country Store in duh...Vermont...used to sell it. Now they sell this fun glass log cabin:


  6. That little glass cabin is so cute. Great excuse to visit Vermont lol!

  7. And I wonder if Mrs. Van der Van ever stopped to think the poor fellow might be a diabetic coma thanks to all the carbohydrates she served him.

  8. Yes, the glass one is too cute. I want one. I don't need one, but I want one. I will not buy one because of the conflict between my wants and needs and my bank account. But for anyone with cash to spare don't hesitate to buy from Vermont Country Store. It's a fun place with all sorts of products you won't find elsewhere. It's a walk down memory lane...consumer wise.

  9. I NEED their 100% cotton gloves - buy 'em and use 'em. Great store!

  10. Yes, love Vermont Country Store. Just wish they didn't send out soooooooo many catalogues. They are great fun to look through. Real step back in time. And the only place I've found that makes the old smashed raisin cookies which they actually import from England. Go figure. Sunshine stopped making them years ago. You know, those cookies that look like a car has driven over them. Good times. Good times.