Married or unmarried...WHO SHOULD GET THE JOB?

A woman's place is in the home. Them's be fightin' words if you read this column from the September 1931 issue of Comfort. Yes, Comfort, the same magazine that gave us "A Lonesome Mountaineer". The following is from a monthly column entitled "The Comfort Sister's Corner" which was "Conducted by Mrs. Wheeler Wilkinson." I'm not kidding. 

Apparently in an earlier issue a woman from Nebraska wrote a letter stating that married women shouldn't work outside the home. This got the bees a buzzin' across the country. Enjoy! Talk amongst yourselves about our topic for today.

The reason I posted this is because of the photo I posted at my vernacular photography site. Soon as I saw that photo I remembered this column. Geez, the stuff I store in my brain.

Comfort Sisters column1_tatteredandlost
Comfort Sisters column2_tatteredandlost
Comfort Sisters column3_tatteredandlost


  1. A man works from Sun to Sun,
    but a woman's work is never done.


    My wife over the years as periodically worked outside our home. When I started my home business in earnest in 1989, she did the books because that's what she was good at. Oh yes - she also home-schooled our two kids and they thank her for it constantly.

  2. It's nice you were able to be together through all of it. Running a home business can be stressful so it's really good to have the party understand what's going on.

  3. Ooh I'm all for giving my evenings to my husband's happiness - ha ha ha. Not so sure about entertaining his friends :o Oh no, it's 'her' friends even more :o

    I've done the lot, working, self-employment, kids and self-employment, kids and working. Didn't have the luxury of opting to stay home, but I don't regret any of it.

  4. Make sure you write the cousins and let them know where you stand!

    Hope you're not getting deluged with the rains and flooding.