Classic images of POSSIBLE GLUTTONY

Yup, we're heading into the season. The season of eating. American's do it very well. We eat and we eat a lot. Images of food are everywhere now. Images of American's getting bigger only to complain about it in January. Which brings me to a little something that actually has very little to do with this, but it's been driving me nuts for a few years. Can you guess? I doubt it. Nobody is going to see this one coming.

Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour jewelry designer. Now I have nothing against the woman. Saw her in person a very long time ago and she was lovely, but her jewelry.... Each time there is some sort of jewelry buying holiday around the corner Kay's Jeweler hauls out Jane's necklace. She calls it the "open heart collection." Okay, not so sure. Seriously take a look at it next time it's on. Don't just DVR past it. Pause on that necklace and tell me if that isn't the backside silhouette of a naked big bottomed woman? Small top, large bottom. That's all I'm sayin'. If you want to give your significant other a necklace that looks like you're saying "Hey, love your big bottom" okie dokie by me. But don't tell me it's open hearts. It's a rorschach test and I see a big bottomed woman. Which brings me back to where I started...food. 

For your viewing pleasure I give you food. Food in vintage postcards, early 20th century. Yeah, I know, two of them are wild turkeys, but that is still food during the next month. The rest of the year I don't need to worry about my lovely flock outside roaming through the orchard. But for the next month every single time I hear a gunshot I worry they took one of my babes. 

Thanksgiving postcard_turkey_tatteredandlost

So enjoy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating. I'll be away with family. Eat slow, chew well, swallow, and repeat. Then find a big chair and fall asleep. It's a holiday. That's what we do.

turkey in the straw_tatteredandlost

Catch you on the flipside. And keep your hands off my wild turkey!

Oh, and if you start seeing a turkey staring back at you in your spoon you know you've eaten too much or someone forgot to bake the thing at the right temperature. And now, according to "A Christmas Story" you're going to get worms.

souvenir spoon_tatteredandlost


  1. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the 'big bottomed' woman jewellery. Fortunately, we don't have it over here. Very seasonal piccies.

  2. Well, I had to google Jane Seymour. My first reaction was "dental equipment" and then "can opener". But I see the big-bottomed lady too although they could have called it "open heart surgery."

  3. I love it. Dental equipment! Yes, a broken mouth guard would be perfect to hang around your loved one's neck. Good one.