Tough times. Really tough times. I know of what I speak. Over the years I've watched more and more of my work being outsourced to foreign countries. Irritating. But, what can you do? It's the way it is. 

The last time I had an in-house job was 1975. I've been a freelancer since October of '75. I'm not really office material. I work better when I'm on my own. I need to be able to get up and walk around a lot so I can think. Couldn't do that in a cubicle. I'd look like a yo-yo bouncing up and down over the little cubicle walls. And the screaming at my computer...well, that just wouldn't sit well in an office environment. 

So, are you thinking of starting your own business? Thinking of the joys of working from home in your pajamas? Here are a few possibilities courtesy of the September 1931 Comfort. Do you think this is how Krispy Kream started?

Seriously, read the copy for a good laugh. In the first ad I like the line that states: 
"Write quick for amazing, big outfit FREE."
What if you were petite? Did you still have to wear the "big outfit" in order to make sales? Did your neighbors look at you like you were nuts as you told them the allure of Paris fashions all the while grabbing at your dress falling off your shoulders?

Or how about Donuto:
"Simply add water and fry."
Was there fine print warning the users to not get the water near the hot oil? You know, sort of like "close cover before striking?" Or did people have enough sense back then to not need fine print? I don't know. 

Or "New Soles" which states:
"No nails or tools necessary. Just an old knife."
Wouldn't knife be considered a tool? Am I getting too picky? Is this why we now need fine print? I don't know. It could be people like me that caused the invention of the fine print. I'm willing to bear that burden.

home businesses_tatteredandlost

Okay, I just read the fine print. Donuto...
"Ford Tudor sedan offered FREE to producers as extra bonus."
Seriously, sell some donuts, get a car. Who can beat that offer? Maybe GM should think of working out something with Donuto.

Gotta love ephemera!


  1. An extra-good find for Friday, mam. And have I got a product for YOU! It has to do with CHOCOLATE and CEREAL - in the Twenties... More to come.

  2. You mean to tell me they made Count Chocula back in the twenties? Nahhhhhh. Seriously, you've got my mind pushing the boundaries trying to imagine what it could be. I want my Maypo!

  3. If you eat all those doughnuts and 'crullers' - what the ??? are they? - you are going to need that BIG OUTFIT.

  4. I think you're right. And then the extra weight will require new soles on your shoes so there you go. All under one roof! The joys of self-employment!