GIVE THANKS for Corn Flakes

This is one of my favorite vintage ads in my collection of ephemera. It dates to the September 1910 issue of The Delineator magazine. I think it's stunning. Unfortunately no information is given about the illustrator. I like the small shadow of people out of view that appears on the left. That little shadow adds extra life to the image. And to think Kellogg had only been in business for 4 years and was turning out advertisements like this. It's now a little over 100 years old. Okay, I'll admit that the box of corn flakes looks absurd, but that's okay. I like the idea of it. Who knew they had Costco's back then?

kellog ad_10.1910_tatteredandlost
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  1. Grrreat image! Perhaps you missed this one that I posted many moons ago...


    Five CASES of Corn Flakes, and the date is 1916, just a few years younger than yours.

  2. I love that. Where do you find these documents? I never see anything like this.

  3. Wow, pity there is no information about the illustrator. Thanks for pointing out the shadow, such attention to detail.

  4. You take that little shadow out and the picture, for me, becomes a little more stiff. Who knows if there was more to the painting. I'd like to think it still survives somewhere but I'm inclined to believe it was trashed a long time ago. Illustration just wasn't given its due until recently.

  5. Yeah, you take that little shadow out and it really changes the feeling of the piece. Things get a little more stiff, confined. I'd like to think the piece still exists somewhere but imagine it was tossed a long time ago. It's a shame to think of all the illustrations that ended up thrown away.

  6. I'll mark this as a Fav, too.
    Remarkable image .. . the concept of this Indian carrying those corn flakes out to the res from the Plaza (here in Santa Fe) is just incredible.
    Who conjured this for Kelloggs?! Breakfast cereal was very new at this time ... Kelloggs came after the original C.W. Post cereal was such a hit .
    Thanks for sharing .... . really like your blogs!


  7. Thank you for the compliment Judith. Greatly appreciated.

    And it is an amazing illustration. That was the front inside cover. One of these days I'll post the back inside which is Cream of Wheat. Also a stunning ad.