TV SEASONS come and go

Is it any wonder that the network tv season shows up in the fall? Most of the shows wither and die before the first frost.

I can remember when the fall premier of the three networks was a big deal. They really had us where they wanted us. Same with sweeps month. Now...fuhgetaboutit. I have no faith in what the suits will turn out anymore. I have my HBO and I'm happy. And from what I have seen of this seasons new shows I don't hold much hope for any of them to be in constant reruns 37 years from now.

But what about the shows that premiered in 1974? Were there any hits?

Before we get to the hits lets look at some misses and one cult classic.

Now, I'm a big Jack Elam fan, but I have no memory of this show with Mark Hamill and Gary Busey. And think of it, this is only a few years before Hamill became a household name for Star Wars and 36 years before Busey became whatever it is he became for Trump. Mind you, The Texas Wheelers was pulled after I think the fourth episode. Don't expect a Blue-ray release any time soon.

As to the young girl shown above, Karen Oberdiear, she died in a plane crash in 2009.

More to come.


  1. This is a great post :) This issue is from my senior year of High School and The Night Stalker was my favorite show that season. It is funny, I clearly remember the name, The Texas Wheelers, but I don't think I ever saw the show.

  2. I do remember watching The Night Stalker, but it terrified me. I've never been able to handle monsters without taking them into my dreams at night. I believe the series is out on DVD.