What's truly stunning about this vintage post card is not the image on the front, nor the ornateness on the back, but the purple prose used to describe the scene. The sender was left with little space within which to write their note.
In the wildness of its rock formation amid which the rushing Potomac, after leaping the falls, still churns, eddies and foams into the great gorge below, Great Falls presents from a hundred different points a new surprise of enchanting scenery that makes the hours spent in its vicinity seem composed of winged moments all too fleet.

This card was published by the J.P. Bell Company in Lynchburg, Virginia. Such an unfortunate sounding name for a town except that it's actually named after a man named John Lynch and not what first comes to mind upon seeing the work "lynch."
J.P. Bell Co. (1891-) 
Lynchburg, VA

A printer and publisher of a variety of materials including many books and tinted halftone postcards of regional views. Some of their cards were printed under contract for businesses and groups. While their own printing was not of the highest quality, they had some of their cards printed by other well known publishers like Raphael Tuck & Sons. (SOURCE: Metro Postcard)

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