TALK SHOWS in 1974

Talk shows in 1974 were different. There was no Jerry Springer. There was no Maury Povich. People didn't throw chairs at each other, beat each other up, or trash talk each other about things they should have been talking about in private. When you turned on a talk show in 1974 you got entertainment, showbiz, not skank biz. Granted it wasn't always GREAT showbiz, but doggone it the people knew who their babies fathers were.

Now, quick...count how many people shown or listed on this page are dead.

And for the younger crowd just count up how many people you've never heard of.

Who knew that showbiz would turn into "You show me yours and I'll show you mine."


  1. Looking at Tuesday's offering on the Mike Douglas show; I know of Kenny Rogers, but Rodgers?

  2. Don't you love typos? They're so humiliating.

  3. Felix0912/07/2012

    My family always watched Mike Douglas. Mike was such a nice man and had a wonderfully pleasant singing voice. May the Lord forever hold Mike tightly in his loving arms.