You'd better check the back and bottom of that dresser drawer to see if you've got a collectible. You could be the proud owner of a genuine Lincoln-Kennedy penny. It might be lurking beneath your unmentionables. Wonder what it's worth? 1 cent. That's right, the penny is still worth a penny. The Lincoln-Kennedy penny is basically a fraud. It wasn't government issued. It was some guy thinking he could make a buck so he defaced official US coins.

(SOURCE: TV Guide, Sept. 7-13, 1974)

Now, the cardboard the penny is stuck on, the actual ephemera, that is probably worth more than the penny, but barely. You can see one of these coins and read a bit about it here and here.

Decades come and decades go, but there's always a snake oil salesman with a new gimmick to sell. And there are always suckers willing to part with their pennies.

Two pennies for a dollar! This sounds like a Wall Street scheme.


  1. The business was in FREEport. Hmmm.

  2. Should have been Pennyport.

  3. They're almost rubbing noses. How sweet.

  4. I used to have one of those and the cardboard it was glued on had a list of similarities between the two. Lincoln's secretary Kennedy warned him not to go to the theater, Kennedy's secretary Lincoln warned him to go to Dallas. Those sorts of things.

  5. Hoping you bought it at face value, or two-faced value.