TV SEASONS come and go, PART 2

Raise your hand if you remember any of these television shows from the 1974 season, two of them based on feature films.

The New Land was originally a Swedish film starring Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann, released in 1972. The tv show ran only 6 episodes. The stars of the tv show, Bonnie Bedelia and Kurt Russell, have stayed fairly busy over the years, but I find nothing about Scott Thomas after a 1986 tv movie called Charley Hannah.

Planet of the Apes is of course a tv version of the 1968 film with Roddy McDowall reprising his role from the film. The show ran for 13 episodes starring McDowall, James Naughton, and Ron Harper.

And then there's Nakia. I have no memory of this show. The two preceding shows create momentary memory bursts in my muddled brain, but this one doesn't light up any neurons. It ran for 14 episodes. Appears to have had a pretty pretty good cast with Robert Forster, Arthur Kennedy, and Gloria DeHaven. Who knows what went wrong. From what is written in TV Guide it almost sounds like a Tony Hillerman novel. It will be forever relegated to the "Huh?" pile of tv shows.

More shows to come, including one of my all time favorites.

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