DON'T FORGET the Napkins!

Apparently Santa is pretty picky about his napkins. I'm mentioning this so you can rush out to get the right napkins for the milk and cookies, or chablis and cheese, or ze pigs in ze blanket, or Svedish meatballs. Remember, presentation is everything. And ummmm...if that's a bowl of eggnog you might want to leave out a cup for the old guy. The idea of him having to pick that up and chug-a-lug is just unpleasant. Now, if that's not eggnog...whatever it is, don't put it out!

(SOURCE: Sunset, December 1968)


  1. From the era of the photo I'd say it is cheese fondue. Lovely COLD cheese fondue. Poor Father Christmas!

    1. That crossed my mind too, but then I thought, "What the heck is he supposed to dunk in it? Ze pigs in ze blanket? The Svedish meatballs? Surely not the nuts! And they didn't give him any forks! The Santa Dude is going to have cheese all over his gloves. So sad. So very sad. I hope he left the place a mess.

    2. Fabulous response!!!!