I didn't want you fretting over getting the plastic bag poodle, so I'm giving you other options. All of these come from the Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas 1974 magazine. There's some mighty fine ummmm...well...junk to choose from.

Who wouldn't want to crack alligator nuts?

Yeah, scare the heck out of your favorite kid by sticking Jimy-Jim on their wall. I wonder if it glowed in the dark. Now that would be cool!

This item might have actually worked, but I included it because, well, it's just so doggone odd looking. It takes industrial design to a new level.

I remember these little figures. I hated these little figures. I STILL hate these little annoying figures. And don't get me started on "Love is...."

Pity the home that has one of these.

And just why? WHY? WHY would you send this to anyone?

And simply...a classic.

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  1. Felix0912/14/2012

    "One person's trash/junk is another person's treasure" is a concept that always has been and always will be true. However, I cannot imagine anyone giving any one of the above items as a Christmas gift, except maybe for the football helmet hanging lamp that would be enjoyed by some football fans. Similar lamps are still popular in some circles but now mostly are replicas of actual team helmets.

    But back to the trash/treasure idea . . . Some years ago [maybe 12 to 15 years ago] some well-meaning person gave me a rather large gift certificate to a snooty restaurant. Sorry, that's not my style. I never did use that gift certificate. The Brussels Boy would have at least served a purpose, even though I would have only used Coca-Cola in it. :)