Consider me that little whisper in your ear that tells you, "Go ahead, eat all you want this holiday season! Eat I tell you! EAT! It will just melt away after December 31st."

And here I am to offer you ways to make the fat just melt away while playing leap frog or roll and stretch while encased in vinyl. Yes, you can feel how great it is to wear vinyl for a short period of time or wear it all day! It's all up to you!

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(SOURCE: All images from Mademoiselle, November 1970)

Also perfect for Christmess gifts!

Just think of how fabulous you'll feel in your Fredrick's of Hollywood vinyl playsuit! Wear it under your suit to work! Wear it on that special first date! Wear it and watch the water pool up around your thighs and hope the elastic barrier holds it back! And remember...IT'S NO-BREATH VINYL!

So practice your leap frogging now and then buy all this junk and wear it at the same time for hours and hours and you'll just watch yourself fade away!

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