Looking for stocking stuffers? Made a list? Checking it twice? Still not finding the perfect gifts for those relatives you only have to see once or twice a year?

Are you looking for something to give that nasty little nephew who purposely broke your Fiestaware pitcher at the summer BBQ? How about giving him pencils with his name misspelled. Just an idea.

Or how about something for that cranky old uncle who never has a nice thing to say to you, but goes on and on about how great his grandchildren are. When he's not looking give his sweet little babyboo a Talented Toy Dog, but make sure the thing never turns off.

And for the sister-in-law who thinks she knows everything there is to know about decorating because she once subscribed to "Table Runners Around the World"...the Last Supper Plaque.

And for your favorite brother...how about a bottle of whiskey hidden in the Scotch-Oven?

All of these items are readily available, providing you have a time machine to 1957.

(SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas, 1957)


  1. Talented Toy Dog hypnotizes you as he ROCKS!!
    And those Yule Elves are MUST HAVE!!

    Super fun blog you have here!

    1. Yeah! Those eyes!! I thought the monkey with the cymbals that I had as a kid had weird eyes, but nothing like these!

      Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Felix0912/12/2012

    My fourth grade teacher gave everyone in my class a set of personalized pencils for Christmas. There were about 40 in the class then so the pencils cost her a nice piece of change 50-some years ago.

    A similar but much larger 1950's metal plaque of "The Last Suppper" still hangs in my dining room. The pictured plaque, though, would fit nicely into a space on one of my kitchen walls but it would no longer be $5.95. That $5.95 in 1957 would now be close to $45 in our 2012 dollars so that plaque was not a "cheapie gift."

  3. Felix0912/12/2012

    Oops. I goofed when using the Fed's calculator. The plaque's 1957 cost of $5.95 would be about $49 [not only $45] in 2012 dollars. Most of the items in the ads above were pricey. For example, in today's dollars, a pair of the Yule Elves would be about $90 and the big motion Santa [with lighting unit] would be about $322.