My collection of National Parks WPA postcards from www.rangerdoug.com arrived today. I'm THRILLED with them. Each one is beautiful. Sure, it's early to even start thinking about Christmas, but if you want to give a really nice gift to someone who loves ephemera and has fallen in love with our National Parks via Ken Burns documentary or need the perfect stocking stuffer, do consider these cards, posters, etc. They're simply lovely. And 1% of their gross sales are given back to our National Parks. 

There are 24 cards total in the collection so there are many you haven't seen.

As I said in my post on Sept. 28, in no way am I affiliated with this company. I simply was lucky enough to find a few cards while on vacation in Wyoming. Now I look forward to framing these cards as a nice colorful grouping, historical in nature. 



  1. Oh, that's a lovely idea for hanging in a den! Now if I just had a den....lol. Seriously, they really are beautiful, singly or as a collage.

  2. You know, I'm thinking those cub scouts of yours. Bet they'd enjoy these. Give them a sense of adventure and history. Learn about each park and plan to visit them as they get older.

  3. Good idea! I have to come up with a project for one of the den meetings. Maybe I will try to work out something on the National Parks theme! Thanks!

  4. Well there you go. Each boy is given a card and told to come up with a story to tell based on what it would have been like for them to camp there in the 1930s.