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You'll be allowed to choose from one of the following answers in this round of 1955 APOCALYPTIC NOW! 

America Fore ad_July 1955_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger. (SOURCE: National Geographic, July 1955)

You're alone with your wife/girlfriend/secretary on a back road when one of the following happens:
  1. The Communists attack, the Red Menace. Nuclear attack! Do not look towards the light!! Duck! Cover!
  2. Aliens have invaded plant earth and you and your wife/girlfriend/secretary/woman you picked up at the bar are left to fight off the alien space ships with nothing more than a make-up travel case and a flask of bourbon. It's the WAR OF THE WORLDS and you're Gene Barry (NOT Tom Cruise).
  3. You're stuck in a drive-in movie detective story, not even a B movie. There's a gang of thugs hunting for you and your luck you've got the mob guys doll with you. She chews gum and never shuts up.
Do you:
  1. Ask the usher for your money back because you've seen this movie done better with Sterling Hayden?
  2. Find a cheap motel with a flashing "otel, otel" sign, pull the drapes and place your gun on the top of the dresser, all the while clutching the bloody wound on your arm, keeping an eye on the doll who is keeping an eye on the gun?
  3. Or do as they tell you to do and contact a G-man at Department G, 80 Maiden Lane, NY NY?
I don't know about you, but I think they're pushing a lot of buttons in this ad. Every fear of the 1950s seems to be showing up here. But maybe that's just me 54 years later with a slightly twisted interpretation. Nahhhhhh...they knew what they were doing. They were trying to scare the you know what out of you so you'd buy insurance not knowing that one of those drone insurance salesmen sitting in your living room in the gray suit would convince you the War of Worlds had happened and the aliens won!


  1. Well, I'm thinkin'.....just a stray thought mind you....that I probably would have shed those high heels by now.

  2. You really made me laugh. Thanks for this one.

  3. Can't you imagine her running down the road in those things, struggling in the sheath skirt, until she falls to her knees sobbing "I can't go on anymore! Not another step!" And then he stops and looks down at her and says "Snap out of it doll! Then she grabs him around the legs and looks up with a pleading look.

    Enter space ship over the hill.

    Run Sally run. See Sally run. See Sally and Biff run.

  4. Janice, You're welcome. I just keep tap dancing until someone gets the hook.

  5. I maybe wrong but that looks awfully like the road by Loch Ness in Scotland in which case they really are in trouble. I think the car is still there...

  6. I remember that road. Boy, they really would be lost wouldn't they? One minute driving quietly away from Chicago, the next beside the road in the highlands! And of course then she'd yell at him for not stopping at a gas station and asking for directions.

  7. Felix0912/09/2012

    Hmmm. Men have often been accused of not wanting to ask for directions but actually females are less likely to stop somewhere and ask for directions than men.