If you're not familiar with some of the books of ephemera that Taschen has published you're missing out on some serious visual candy. One worth putting in your collection is Halloween: Vintage Holiday Graphics. A volume with page after page after page of wonderful imagery: postcards, photos of children in costumes, illustrations from children's books, masks, advertisements, etc. This will not be a book you'll
 thumb through once and put on the shelf. You'll be back to this one over and over again and each time you'll see things you didn't remember seeing the last time you picked it up. Okay, I'll say it...I give it two thumbs up. Thumbs seriously covered with chocolate from that Snickers bar I forgot about that's now melted into the seam of the bottom of my trick or treat bag. 


  1. LOL. I redeemed three of the six coupons I had for free candy yesterday. Three of them were expired. Did you know men are from Mars?
    I discovered that they were only worth eighty-five cents a piece, so I had to out-of-pocket some serious change to get my wife a couple of Dove Bars. Me - I went with Snickers.

  2. Whoa, free candy coupons. I mustn't know the right people!

    I do seriously remember being a kid with a nice cotton bag that I used each year until the one year when someone put in a gushy candied apple. Everything stuck to it. They didn't wrap it in wax paper, just dropped the sucker in the bag. Got home and went to dump out my haul and only a few things came out because they were all stuck to the apple like a magnet. My mother didn't swear but she grumbled somthin' fierce!

  3. It's that time of year.
    I'm singing you a little song.

  4. Oh oh, I know, I know!!!

    Mares eat oats
    and does eat oats
    and little lambs eat ivy,
    a kid'll eat ivy too,
    wouldn't you?