FRED HARVEY on the road

Just a quick drop-in from along the road. 

Went to The Trees of Mystery today. Let's just say there's a HUGE statue of Paul Bunyan and his ox Blue standing out front. They're famous. I believe I even have some old postcards with their images, but just in case I bought a couple today. For decades I've driven by this place and never stopped. I'd laugh when I'd see Paul and Blue and think of roadside tourist attractions from my youth. Well this was worth the trip. An interesting walk through a forest, a ride in a tram to overlook the forest and the Pacific Ocean. Then they get you when you come to the finish. You walk through the door at the end of the trail into the gift shop and after paying for your visit you hear a woman saying "Free fudge sample." Oh man...I left a pound heavier...in a box to eat later. 

What really drew me to this place was the collection of Native American items in their museum. Beautiful baskets, including Pomo and Yurok, plains Indians clothes, all sorts of implements. A case of Kachinas that had me mesmerized. And then I saw this. I usually post items from my collection. I only wish I owned this. Fred Harvey Souvenir Playing Cards depicting various Native American tribes in the Southwest, all from tintype images. So though this is not in my collection, the photo of the photos is so I'm...oh geez, I'm going to say it...fudging things a bit this time.

fred harvey cards_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Back on the road. Catch you on the flipside.


  1. This is a step-up from Parker Brothers TOURING game, isn't it! WOW. Just something else to chase after...

  2. Aren't they cool? I was so envious when I saw them. Wish I could find out more information. Did a quick online check and found some other Fred Harvey cards that had line drawings but no photo cards. Yup, something to keep the ol' eyes open for.

  3. Those cards are gorgeous and in wonderful condition! Maybe they were so pretty that no one dared to use them.

  4. I imagine a lot of people took them home in the nice little case and never intended to use them and then...a grandchild found them and well...there go the nice crisp cards as the kids play Indians with them.

  5. What fun to take time to visit a local attraction. Great playing cards too.

  6. Yes, I'm glad I finally stopped to see it. l Have driven by for decades. Heading out in the morn for Mt. Lassen National Park. I've been there several times, probably the last around 15 years ago. Going to an old Gold Rush town tomorrow night. It's just nice to be on the road, though a client did send me a work email today. Hope all is well in your neck of the world.