The evolution of a PSYCHOTIC PENGUIIN

The penguin was content with his lot in life. 

He worked as a scientist for Sears and Roebuck in the Coldspot department. 

It was a good fit. He was used to fishing and keeping some of his catch on ice.

He lectured widely about the products he invented, giving clues to the clueless.

In his spare time he was a gentleman farmer. 





But then he realized the true benefits of a Coldspot and farm life was never the same. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. They were used as evidence in the trial.

Little Penguin had an ax,
He gave the chicken 30 whacks,
He gave the steer 30 more
Then opened up a butcher store.


  1. Ha ha ha ha...I don't think PETA allows the sale of knives to penguins anymore.

    Ohhh woe, to think I was around when this was vital advertising.

  2. I believe you're right. Landmark case. Penguins are watched like...ummmm...hawks.

  3. Great story, has that penguin got to do all the work him (her) self? Where is the partner/spouse/friends -seems like a lonely old life, not wonder the Penguin became an ax murderer lol!

  4. News reports of the time quoted neighbors saying "He was such a quiet penguin. A good neighbor. We never heard a peep out of him."

  5. LOL. Penguin humor. Who knew? I guy can't even wear a natural tux any more without getting laughed at...

  6. I believe the common saying is "The butler did it." Nope, never trust someone in a tux wielding WMDs.

  7. Hehehehehe!!! He's like the Little Red Hen...I grew the steer all by myself, I butchered the chicken all by myself, I prepared the meat for the Coldspot freezer all by myself, and now I will EAT the meat...all...by...myself!

    Love the take on the Lizzie Borden poem!

  8. Well, you know, I meant to say grew the "chicken", not the steer. I really must learn to edit my comments before posting! Sheesh!

  9. Yes, old Lizzie loomed large for me yesterday. Quite the inspiration. Only time I'll get to say that!

  10. gr8 blog, gr8 blog

  11. Thank you CH2P. That was a nice comment to find upon my return home.

  12. A chilling tale, but rather fun! :)