PORK AND BEANS...in a can...think about it

If you watch Mad Men and saw this season you'll remember Peggy had to work up ads for baked beans. Yeah, one of the reasons I didn't go into advertising. I'm sorry, but having to think about beans and pork in a can day after day would have me hitting my head against a steel beam.

So what was the pitch like for this ad? A kid fishing next to a waterfall and baked beans almost seems identical to the fictitious ads. The idea that baked beans are a part of everyone's childhood and should be cherished. Memories of mom opening the can, updumping it into a pan (you can almost hear that initial sucking sound as the weight of the contents glump into the pan), and then serving it on a plate next to a naked hot dog. I do believe I have that memory. But pork, beans, and waterfalls? Not getting it.

(SOURCE: Sunset, November 1967)

And no, the coupon won't work. It's passed its shelf life.

But I do really like the can...without the waterfall.

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