MORE TINY ADS from the back pages

A few more ads from the back pages of early '60s 'TEEN magazines. from the silly to the disgusting.

(SOURCE: 'TEEN, December 1963)

In those days it was cool to be smart. Having politicians be complete rubes was frowned upon. An education was important and valued. People did not grow up wanting to be reality "stars" or celebrities. So the odd little item above was part of its time.

(SOURCE: 'TEEN, April 1964)

The thought of this wallet just makes me ill.

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  1. I had to read the text on the wallet twice to make sure I wasn't missing anything... horrible.

  2. The hair glitter would probably still do well.

  3. Oh, I could tell such a story about an elderly woman, glitter body spray, and a gynecologist, but I won't. I'll let your imaginations run wild.