PINTEREST, the dark shadow in the room

Ever feel like there’s someone lurking, planning on taking your stuff? Welcome to the world which now includes Pinterest.

Yes, Pinterest is full of lovely images, pretty pictures collected like scrapbooks. The problem is that even if they provide the link to the owner of the images you still have to wonder if they actually have permission. It's all a bit lazy. Find some bright shiny object that fascinates you and like a kleptomaniac it suddenly appears in your purse...board (page).

I can understand why some people are attracted to it, but I find it merely annoying. Grab something from someone else, pin it on your page, and move on to the next scrap to appropriate, the next shiny object you see to put your name on. Heck, just appropriate someone else's name that you like. Don't worry about the fact that this might end up causing all involved problems with this "appropriation."

Now here’s where I have a HUGE problem. I have discovered there are two women using the phrase “~Ephemera~Tattered And Lost~ as the titles for the ephemera they post. One, Diana Harris-Day, is even blatantly using many of my items with credit given, but then turns around and labels all of her ephemera post Tattered and Lost. Really? The name of my blog appears beneath the images she’s posted and then she turns around and also uses my name for the name of her page? I have contacted both of them and hope they figure out what they’re doing really isn’t very nice. But these days feeling shameful is practically prehistoric. I just want people aware that I am not this woman. She is using my identity, not the other way around.

I have also contacted a few people who are using photos from my photography blog. I draw the line there. It specifically states on the page that the images belong to me and may not be used in any manner without my permission, thus the reason I watermark them. I have requested the pin-ners unpin them.

This all may seem a bit much, but heed it as a warning. If you own something which is an original you will need to take precautions that others are not profiting off your personal collection that you have spent money, time, and research finding. There is also talk that once an item is posted on Pinterest they "own" it. Have not yet verified this.

And at least Pinterest is supplying a brief line of code to ad to your blog that is meant to discourage people if they choose to pinch something. You can find it here.

I understand that for a lot of people, mostly women, this is a fun site. That's great, knock yourself out, but think before you pin or name your stuff using someone else's name because you might be causing the owner of the item a problem.


  1. It doesn't bother me that people pin my stuff, I do get some traffic from Pintrest, BUT stealing you name and using you images is unconscionable!

    I go back and forth about watermarking. On one hand, the original design isn't mine (usually), but on the other hand, I did take the photo or scan it.

    1. Yes, I don't mind the woman using images from THIS blog because I do not own the images, thus I don't watermark them. But I don't like people taking the photos on my photography blog that are originals that I own and I clearly state it on the blog.

      But it's a new low when you take the images and then add them into a pot with more images and then title it Tattered and Lost. Really irks me. I have asked her to stop doing it, but have not had any response so I kicked it up to support at Pinterest.

  2. Good on you. I've steered clear of it altogether, as we're in the same boat.

  3. It is a problem, and I have been wondering how pintrest avoids the legal issues. I think because most of the pinning that goes on is not for personal profit, it is considered fair use (but very boarder line)I certainly think that it is not fair use to use your name... Here is a link to the fair use faq. Its an interesting read and good to be able to quote if you need to

  4. Sorry to hear of your problems. I have a few items on Pinterest but have been starting to feel concerned about it for a couple of months. Currently, I am just considering signing up with Digimarc. Anyone have experience with this company. What do others use to watermark their images?

  5. Thanks for the verbal support.

    I think of Pinterest as Napster for image junkies. I'm guessing the venture capitalists backing this company have an entire law firm on standby.

    Unfortunately not one of the people I have contacted who have either
    appropriated my name or stolen my photos has bothered to respond or remove the items.

    I haven't used Digimarc, but it is included with Photoshop under "filters" so I might have to look into it. I do remember thinking about it several years ago.

  6. I down load or copy a lot of things from Pinterest, but it is for my own use. I have been afraid to scan and add anything to the internet anywhere because I don't want to any copy right injustice to any of the artist and creators. When I do copy info and pics I try to go to the sight where the item came from originally. That's how I got your sight.
    I know you put a lot of time and effort in your sight and it is regrettable that that there are those who take advantage and steal.
    I mostly do paper dolls and crochet patterns but there are other things I like as well.
    I just want to say I respect and admire you and others who take the time to put these things out here so we can enjoy them.
    Keep up the good work and do what you have to do to stop the thieves. I have copied things with watermarks on them and I always put where I got it from on the paper on the envelope I protect it in.
    Again I thank you

    1. I actually really appreciate this. I know when I upload things that I lose control of them, thus the reason I at least make a small attempt of ownership with the watermark. The items from my ephemera site are shown in good faith with the creators having copyright. But the photos are often likely one of a kind that I own. So I appreciate your understanding. the situation. And from what I can tell the people that were outright using my online identity have stopped.