Household Tip of the Day...

When caulking windows or bathroom tiles consider using spray cheese in a can instead of hardware store caulking material. This way when you're done with your DIY project you won't be left with a tube of caulking sitting in your garage hardening. Instead you'll have a tasty topper for outdoor grilling!

(SOURCE: Sunset, September 1969)


  1. Felix0912/06/2012

    The advertized cheese spread in a spray can is something I have never tried but all my life I have been a drooling fan of Cheez Whiz [the original version, in a jar]. I'll never be able to have enough of it. It is especially good with broccoli.

    Anyway, when I was young and Mamie was hosting White House dinners, nearly every public/church function that served sandwiches included in the selection two types of open-faced sandwiches [cut on the diagonal]: Cheez Whiz sandwiches and potato chip sandwiches.

    To make the first ones, Cheez Whiz was spread on bread -- preferably dark bread -- rye [especially pumpernickel] was the best. Then horizontally-sliced green olives [with the pimiento centers] were placed on top of the Cheez Whiz.

    The potato chip sandwiches were best made on "Wonder" [white] bread, on which was spread a generous amount of butter. Then a layer of finely-crushed potato chips was spread on the butter and lighty pressed in [excess crushed chips were shaken off to prevent messiness].

    Oh, how I did and still do love those sandwiches! When sometimes feeling particularly decadent and sentimental, I have taken one of each of those open-faced sandwiches and put them together. Immorally good!

    1. You lost me when you said pimiento. No, actually you lost me when you said Cheez Whiz.