A long time ago, in what seems like a different universe, if you wanted reprints of a photo to which you did not have a negative…and you got magazines…and you looked at the tiny ads in the back…

(SOURCE: ‘TEEN, October 1963)

Explain to me how these “companies” made money if within a few pages, and often on the same page, there were 14 ads for photo processing? How was a girl to choose?

I did have one friend who sent in a photo of herself and got back a packet of prints. They were fine. She handed them out to everybody. I think I might still have it, but as usual have no idea of where it might be.


  1. Gosh, I remember these in England, too! My mother tried it once and it took weeks for them to come - there certainly weren't as many adverts as this.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that they took forever to arrive because that's what I remember with my friend's order. I just thought it was because we lived in Hawaii and the photos were coming from the Mainland. Apparently it was the MO for these companies. Get the buck and then put it in the back and collect HUGE interest before sending out the photos.

  3. We did this in 1949 (my senior year) and I have a stack of them from friends. The company we used was in Kansas City and I don't remember any big delay - that was only about 200 miles away.

  4. Marlu, I think you're on to something. Obviously distance from the company made a huge difference.