1960 Boy Scout Handbook ADVERTISEMENTS: Part 1

My last post was about the 1960 Boy Scout Handbook. I mentioned I'd be featuring some ads from the book. There are a total of over 40 ads so sit back and go Scout shopping. One particular item will show up over and over again, but not on the first spread.

Remember, items are for honest and trustworthy Scouts only.

Click on the "Boy Scout" label below to see previous scouting posts. Or click on "Coca-Cola" or "Coca Cola" to see vintage Coke ads.

And visit Tattered and Lost Vernacular Photography to see some old scouting photos from Scotland.


  1. Well, this was a handy book to have for this week's theme. I wonder if Scouts today are still encouraged to suck down sugary soft drinks. It also just occurred to me that, while I know that Girl Scouts sell cookies, I have no idea what Boy Scouts sell. Do you know?

  2. That's a very good question. I have no idea if they sell anything. I can say that with as many guns for sale in the back of the handbook I'm guessing wild meats.