The little people at the ALOHA PHOENIX RESORT

Do you ever click on the “Next Blog” label at the top of Blogger blogs? Google seems to think that by analyzing where you’ve come from they’ll be able to recommend where you’d like to go next. I can say with 100% certainty that not once have they guided me to something I would remotely be interested in. In fact, they send me to sites that are always far removed from who I am and what my interests are. In short, I’m not someone who can be easily compartmentalized using data mining. I know they’d like to believe we are all anxiously awaiting their guidance, but we’re not. That said…

Do you ever visit Google’s Blogs of Note? Again, rarely is their choice something which interests me, but at least I know that the choice that shows up on the screen has more to do with the person(s) choosing the blogs than it does with any data they’ve collected from my net searches. Occasionally they do come up with something that I find interesting that might hold my attention for longer than 30 seconds. They got my attention with the February 29th choice, Little People. It’s a site I’ll be back to visit to see what new photos have been posted of the little people underfoot we never notice. Well, my best friend and I did have little people living outside her apartment in Waikiki that we were fond of, but the story is way too long and odd.

This pointless ramble is to say that the little people at the Little People site made me think about all the little people you see in commercial post cards for hotels/motels, etc. Models stuck in some position in which they hopefully add human dimension to what would otherwise be a cold sterile shot of generic architecture. And so…I give you the little people at the Aloha Phoenix Resort in 1976.

From what I'm finding online this resort no longer exists. At one time it was apparently known as Samoan Village Motor Hotel back in the day when Tiki was all the rage. Tiki gods run very deep in my childhood so I do miss the days of Tiki.

Click on either image to see it larger.

This card was produced by Petley. To see a few other Petley cards click "Petley" below in the labels.

If I had not seen the Little People site I’d have never done this post. Don’t hold it against them.


  1. I am really digging the chick in the green outfit! So, for me, this post was worthwhile.

  2. I always thought that "next blog" meant next post. I just tried it for the first time and got sent to a conservative Christian site. I'm a liberal atheist.

  3. Exactly. And once you click on one of those it opens the floodgates.

  4. Van Buren was lined with fabulous mid-century motels once...sigh.


    1. Thanks for the link to historic motel Phoenix. I wouldn't be surprised if my folks and I didn't stay in one of those places during our several cross country trips. Really takes me back in time.