VALENTINES From Parents to Their Daughter

This week I was given an old tattered scrapbook that belonged to a woman named Montez Lawton. She was an elementary school teacher in Northern California. The book is falling apart, the pages brittle. But inside are a few wonderful items including handwritten get well wishes from her young students.

These valentines are also inside, sent to her by her parents. I will take them from the album and put them in my archival albums where I keep all of the valentine's I've found. These are unusual to my collection because I tend to find and buy ones that were clearly for children. These are a bit more adult.

Click on any image to see it larger.

Rust Craft Valentine_tatteredandlost
Rust Craft Valentine_I_tatteredandlost
Published by Rust Craft.

The Wishing Well Valentine_F_tatteredandlost
The Wishing Well Valentine_tatteredandlost
Published by The Wishing Well (not affiliated with the company now using the name in the UK)

This one might as well be a get well card and indeed I imagine the image was used for a variety of cards. Nothing about it looks like a valentine.

Hallmark Valentine_tatteredandlost
Hallmark Valentine_I_tatteredandlost
Published by Hallmark.

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VALENTINE, VALENTINE, wherefore art thou? To see more about this book click on the link in the Amazon column to the left. The book sells used dirt cheap. It's full of fun images from old valentines.


  1. these are lovely!! thanks so much fro sharing! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. Ann,

    Make sure to see today's post, Feb. 13, and then on the 14th too.