This ad starts off by referencing the work their planes did in helping to build the Alcan Highway (the road that connects the lower 48 to Alaska through Canada). The last part of the ad is where the reference the war demands and the part they are contributing.

As to what became of the company, well there's not much to find:
The Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company was formed in 1929 in Philadelphia. Later the company moved to Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

An early product was the Jacobs L-3, a small 55 hp 3 cylinder engine of 1929 (4.125x4.75=190cuin). By 1933, Jacobs had developed its most famous engine, the L-4 seven-cylinder radial; it was better known as by its military designation, the R-755.

Later developments included the 285 hp L-5 or R-830 (5.5x5=831.54/13.627L), and 330 hp L-6 or R-915 (5.5x5.5=914.696/14.989L)

Jacobs engines were fitted to many US-built aircraft of the inter-wars period, including several Waco models.

After World War II, Jacobs became a division of Republic Industries (not Republic Aircraft). (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
I really like the illustration which unfortunately has no artist signature.

Jacobs Aircraft Engines_tatteredandlost
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Again, another image from the November 1943 National Geographic.


  1. Fantastic illustration. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Do a google search for Jacob Aircraft and you'll find some other wonderful illustrations. None are shown very large, but they're worth the search.

    By the way, I cannot get posts through to your site via Firefox or Safari. Simply won't go through. Wanted to tell you how wonderful the colorization is on the romance postcard.