So...are you feeling like a LUCKY TIGER?

It's always fun to find a piece of ephemera about a company that I've never heard of. My usual reaction is that the company no longer exists and all I'll find is historical data, if anything at all. I went into my search about this company with that preconceived notion. How wrong it proved to be.

Lucky Tiger, started in 1927, is still in business, and apparently has a loyal following.

This ad from the May 1937 The American Magazine is full of copy they'd never get away with today. Well, that's not true. They'd find ways to say the same thing, but might have the government taking issue with their claims that this product helps with baldness. Their implication was that if you were bald it was partially your fault because you were lazy. So they played on your vanity in the ad.

By the 1950s they were telling you your virility was at stake if you didn't use the product.

Today it seems mostly about memories and the possibility of adventure. Remembering "better times" when you were younger and spent time happily being groomed at a barber shop. The sensations of the visit are brought back by using their product. Perfectly valid direction to go. The adventure aspect? Might be stretching it a bit.

I don't know if the products are still being used in barber shops, but it's nice to see they're still around and have even expanded their product line.


  1. My goodness, Tony the Tiger never had it that good! So weird to see women hung like trophy heads, yikes.

  2. An acquaintance of mine was, briefly, the spokesman for Horny Goat, an all natural male enhancer. Because it was a supplement, rather than a drug, it was unregulated. No proof of efficacy required. I suspect Lucky Tiger works about as well as Horny Goat.