FEELING FINE and hope you are the same

I'm guessing just a brief note such as this was enough long ago. Think of it as a Tweet. Okay, I hate Tweets. I find them to be little more than brain farts. I also hate getting cards like this that say virtually nothing. I used to give a friend a hard time when she'd send a card that had two lines on it that could have been written by anybody. But still, long ago, a mother would have been happy to know that Will was still alive and "feeling fine." Perhaps Will used some of yesterday's products which would explain his cheery self and rather odd choice of image for a card to mom.

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The card was produced by M. Rieder in Los Angeles, California, and printed in Germany.
M. Rieder   (1901-1915) 
Los Angeles, CA
Printed and published view-cards of the West and of Native Americans. His cards were printed in Germany except those contracted out to Edward H. Mitchell in the United States. (SOURCE: metropostcard.com)

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