If you follow my vernacular photography blog you'll know I have a fascination with what I call Time Traveling Celebrities. I occasionally find an old photo of a person who looks like someone famous. My theory is that the famous have special powers the rest of us are not privilege to. They can go back in time and the only evidence is if they are accidentally photographed. Usually they go way back in time, not just a few decades.

I'm thinking Will Ferrell has powers beyond even the regular celebrity. He's bold, willing to be right up front about his time travel. Even possibly willing to be in an ad? Nah, it can't be. Was there ever a man so daring? This is the second time I have caught him in his travels, the first can be seen here. Pretty amazing fella. I nominate him to the Time Traveling Celebrity Hall of Fame.

(SOURCE: Life, August 18, 1972) Click on image to see it larger.

To see other Time Traveling Celebrities visit Will in my grandmother's album and click on the label "Time-Traveling-Celebrity."

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